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Who Is Ms Chevious?

International best-selling author Laura Jattan is frequently asked how she came to be known as Ms Chevious. The name Ms Chevious started out as a joke between her brother and herself. He calls her Ms Chevious because, as a child, her curious mind was always getting her into something. However, as she became an adult, that same curiosity helped to cultivate her existence and led her into her creed of being “unapologetically me” and living her truth,  truly loving herself unconditionally. She loves herself, “for all that I am and all that I am not.” That’s what Ms Chevious is all about — always being unapologetically you!

Laura has pledged to use that same passion that shaped her to help women realize that they can overcome any of their circumstances by teaching them that they can set their own standards on how they want to be treated and to accept nothing less. To join our conversation about taking your next steps, contact us on Instagram or Facebook @mscheviousofficial. If you’re more comfortable sending an email, you can reach us at For speaking engagements and individual coaching, contact Laura and we can begin your journey!

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